The Metro EP

by Led by Monsters

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Anokha These songs take me road tripping ! my toes and hair sticking out of the window getting some wind while I sprawl in the back seat and wrap my head with the multitude of feelings these songs put together.

I will individually dissect the brains of everybody involved in the making of this EP and kiss it !
love every song Favorite track: Cold Water.
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This EP was written almost entirely while riding public transportation.

Anyone who has ever relied on public transportation for their everyday travel knows it is largely an exercise in waiting. Wait at the bus stop. Wait in line to get on. Wait for the bus to move. Wait to get to your destination.

Those familiar with public transportation will also tell you there is an element of chance involved as well. Once in actual transit you really only have so much control over what happens along the way or where you’re actually going, save for the intention of reaching your original destination.

And if you’ve never been to where you’re trying to get to, there is always the chance that you’ll end up somewhere else instead.


The Metro started off as something else entirely. More songs. More musicians. More instruments. I don’t want to say it was overwrought, but I probably should. So, it was overwrought. I had a vague idea of what I wanted, and that was about it. I asked my friend Ross to produce and help record it. To “get behind the wheel”, I guess, while I navigated from the back seat to a destination that, in all reality, I barely had a clear vision of in my head in the first place.

We originally planned to do the record over a few months; just a leisurely summer drive. Yet due to countless unforeseen detours, varying wildly in cause, length, and severity, it eventually turned into a full blown cross-country road trip that lasted over two years. During which, there was a lot of waiting. But much like with public transportation, waiting is just part of what’s needed to inevitably keep moving forward.

Somewhere along the way, the driver/passenger exclusivity disappeared as we both took turns figuring out where we were going. Toward the very end, it honestly felt more like a collaboration than just another Led by Monsters EP, just with somebody helping me record this time. I definitely would not have gotten here on my own, and I can’t fully express how grateful I am for Ross's friendship on this strange, wandering journey, as well as him ultimately getting us to this point. And while we never got where we were originally trying to go, we’ve arrived where we are now.

And this seems like a good place to stop.


released March 22, 2017

All recordings for this record took place over the course of January 2015 and January 2017.

Vocals, guitar, slide guitar, and self-oscillating fuzz drone on ‘Banshees’ by Led by Monsters.
Rhodes piano on ‘Cold Water’, ‘Banshees’, and ‘5th & Wacouta’ by Ross McEwen.
Area recordings done by Led by Monsters and Ross McEwen.

Recorded, mixed, and produced by Ross McEwen.
All songs written by Led by Monsters.
Mastered by Apurv Agrawal.

A very special thanks to Inspirus Records.



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Led by Monsters Wisconsin

Songwriter and noisemaker from Wisconsin & The Cities.

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Track Name: Cold Water
Hey, do you remember that time
Watching movies at your parent's house?
We got so drunk we both fell asleep
Right there on the basement couch

Man, your parents hated me for that

Hey, do you remember that time
Breaking curfew, sneaking out in the dark?
Hot summer nights away from worry
Just talking on swing sets in the park

No, of course you don't...
But you always hit me like cold water

Hey, do you remember that time
You parted your hair on a different side?
Makeup is only so good at hiding
A black and bloodshot eye

Man, I still hate your parents for that

Hey, do you remember that time
I heard from an old mutual friend?
I hated you for so long
But I never wanted this to be how it ends

No, of course you don't...

Every once and a while
I'll stop and smile
Remembering how it
Used to be

It's so strange
Now that all that remains
Of me and you
Is me

Then again you always hit me like cold water
Track Name: Banshees
Floating through the streetlights
We would scream like banshees
Under the warm orange glow
Of the past

Now we've got apartments
And loans and heartache
And yellowed photographs
In the trash

Just like it never happened
At all

Blurry in the starlight
We would fall in love on rooftops
We weren't afraid of heights
Back then

But now with bitter hearts and minds
We burn down buildings
To never see those stories

Just like it never happened
At all

I wonder if it's alright
That I've thrown away the memories
And colored all the pages black

And if you still hate me
Well, I can't say that I blame you
All the same, I am never coming back

Just like it never happened
At all
Track Name: 5th & Wacouta
I am 5th and Wacouta
And no idea how long
I have been here

It seems October
Is a whole lot colder
Without the friends
You had last year

And I have no idea
How to get where I'm supposed to go

Man, Minnesota
You're everything I'm scared of
Even more as the days get colder

All the kids and suits and faces
And the same expected places
And all the worries
Of growing older

So keep your dreams away from me
Keep your dreams away from me
Cause I don't wanna know

Reminders of where I should have been by now
I'm trying to get there but I'm not sure how
And it gets harder and harder every day
Everything is moving but I'm stuck in place